electrolytic capacitors



Automotive Grade

Surge’s Film Capacitors meet the AECQ 200 standard. For automotive grade, please replace the C prefix with a D. For example, C42Q2... becomes D42Q2....

Series FeaturesCapacitance RangeVoltage Range V, DC)TypePDF
C11Inductive polyester film / foil capacitor.0010uF ~ .27uF50V ~ 1250VPolyesterC11
C14Metallized Film/Foil.0010uF ~ .1uF650V - 2500VPolypropyleneC14
C20Metallized polyester film capacitor (Axial type).0010uF ~ 10uF50V ~ 1000VPolyesterC20
C21Metallized polyester film capacitor (dipped).0010uF ~ 10uF50V ~ 1250VPolyesterC21
C22Metallized polyester film capacitor (dipped).01uF ~ 10uF250V ~ 630VPolyesterC22
C23Metallized polyester film A.C. capacitor for capacitive divider.0047uf ~ 33uF63V ~ 630VPolyesterC23
C24Metallized polyester film capacitor (stacked version; box-type).0010uF ~ 2.2uF50V ~ 700VPolyesterC24
C25Metallized polyester film capacitor (stacked version; box-type).0010uF ~ 10.0uF63V ~ 1000VPolyesterC25
C28Metallized polyester film capacitor (stacked version; dipped).010uF ~ 3.3uF50V ~ 250VPolyesterC28
C31Metallized polypropylene film capacitor (dipped).0010uF ~ 3.3uF100V ~ 1250VPolypropyleneC31
C31PMetallized Film/Foil4.7nF ~ 100nF63V - 100VPolypropyleneC31P
C32Metallized polypropylene film A.C. capacitor for capacitive divider.0010uF ~ 8.2uF160V ~ 2000VPolypropyleneC32
C33Metallized polypropylene film capacitor (box-type).00047uF ~ .15uF400Vac ~ 900VacPolypropyleneC33
C36DC-Link Capacitor (Customized Products)500uF450VPower ElectronicsC36
C38Snubber Capacitor for IGBT (Lug terminals).047uF ~ 9.0uF630V ~ 3000VPower ElectronicsC38
C3ADC-Link Capacitor (Plastic Case)25uF ~ 380uF450V ~ 1500VPower ElectronicsC3A
C3BDC-Link Capacitor (Aluminum Case)90uF ~ 5600uF600V ~ 1500VPower ElectronicsC3B
C3DDC-Link Capacitor for PCB.68uF ~ 140uF500V ~ 1200VPower ElectronicsC3D
C3EHigh Voltage DC-Link Capacitor (Dry Type)100uF ~ 3000uF1500V ~ 6000VPower ElectronicsC3E
C3GSnubber Capacitor for high voltage; high current pulses (Tabs type).1uF ~ 1uF1400VPower ElectronicsC3G
C3HSnubber Capacitor for IGBT (PCB).047uF ~ 9.0uF630V ~ 3000VPower ElectronicsC3H
C3KSnubber Capacitor for high voltage; high current pulses (Thread hole type).01uF ~ 6uF1700V ~ 7500VPower ElectronicsC3K
C40Metallized polypropylene film interference suppression RC-unit (class X2)0.01uF ~ 1.0uF300VACInterference SuppressionC40
C42Metallized polypropylene film A.C. capacitor for capacitive divider.0010uF ~ 10uF275Vac/305VacInterference SuppressionC42
C43Metallized polypropylene film inteference suppression capacitor (Class Y2)0.0010uF ~ 1.0uF300VacInterference SuppressionC43
C44Metallized polypropylene film interference suppression capacitor (Class X1)0.010uF ~ 6.8uF310VacInterference SuppressionC44
C45Metallized polypropylene film interference suppression capacitor (Class X1)0.0047uF ~ 4.7uF440VacInterference SuppressionC45
C46Metallized polypropylene film interference suppression capacitor (Class X1)0.001uF ~ 2.2uF760VacInterference SuppressionC46
C47Metallized polypropylene film interference suppression capacitor (Class Y1)0.00047uF ~ 0.1uF440VacInterference SuppressionC47
C65Three phase AC filter capacitor (Assembled)see technical sheet500Vac ~ 690VacAC CapacitorsC65
C66AC filter capacitor (Oil-filled type)15uF ~ 600uF350V ~ 700VPower ElectronicsC66
C67Three phase AC filter capacitor (Single case)see technical sheet230Vac ~ 850VacAC CapacitorsC67
C69AC filter capacitor (Dry type)100uF ~ 200uF300VAC ~ 500VacPower ElectronicsC69
C6AAC output filter capacitor for PCB1.0uF ~ 60uF180Vac ~ 300VacPower ElectronicsC6A
C82Metallized Film/Foil.00022uF ~ 3.9uF250V - 2000VPolypropyleneC82
C84Metallized Film/Foil.00051uF ~ .12uF250V - 900VPolypropyleneC84
CMPPNon-Inductive Metallized Polypropylene X2 Across the line.0047uF ~ 10uF275V ~ 310VInterference SuppressionCMPP
CMPRHeavy Duty Metallized Polypropylene X2. Across the line.01 ~ .22uF250V ~ 300VInterference SuppressionCMPR
SAMWrap & fill; non-inductive; metallized film; oval.01uF ~ 10uF100V ~ 630VPolyesterSAM
SAMRWrap & fill; non-inductive; metallized film; round.01uF ~ 10uF100V ~ 630VPolyesterSAMR
SAPRWrap & fill; non-inductive; extended foil filmPolyesterSAPR
SEMEpoxy coated; inductive polyester film.001uF ~ .22uF100V ~ 400VPolyesterSEM
SMDEpoxy coated; non-inductive; metallized polypropylenePolypropyleneSMD
SMMY-5Molded box; non-inductive; metallized polyester; 5mm lead spacing.001uf ~ 1uF63V ~ 100VPolyesterSMMY-5
SMMY-7Molded box; non-inductive; metallized polyester; 7.5mm lead spacing.001uF ~ 1.0uF63V ~ 630VPolyesterSMMY-7
SMMY10~27.5Molded box; non-inductive; metallized polyester; 10-27.5mm lead spacing.001uF ~ 10uF63V ~ 100VPolyesterSMMY10~27.5
SMPTWrap & fill; metallized polypropylene; oval.01uF ~ 10uF250V ~ 630VPolypropyleneSMPT
SRMEpoxy coated; non-inductive; metallized polyester.01uF ~ 10uF100V ~ 630VPolyesterSRM
SRMAEpoxy coated; non-inductive; metallized polyester; reduced size.1uF ~ 6.8uF100V ~ 630VPolyesterSRMA
SRPEpoxy coated; non-inductive; extended foil filmPolyesterSRP
SSF-CL23BReduced size; Stacked Metal Polyester Box; Film Cap.001uF ~ 1uF50V ~ 400VPolyesterSSF-CL23B