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August 23, 2017

Surge Launches Trench Schottky Diodes

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Product availability should never be a question, particularly when you have a production schedule to keep. This is the case for many diodes available through Surge Components, including Trench Schottky Diodes. These diodes offer a reduction in forward voltage drop (VF) and a significant improvements in reverse leakage current compared with a comparable conventional planar device.

They also provide a factor-of-two improvement in reverse energy absorption capability, while maintaining equivalent switching characteristics. That means the new trench Schottky can now be rated at a higher maximum junction temperature (Tjmax) of 150°C.

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May 18, 2016

Surge Launches New Switch Offering

Surge Components has formed a strategic alliance with a world-class switch manufacturer that will enable you to expand your revenue base by providing customers wide a wide variety of standard and custom solutions.

With one of the highest production capacities on the planet, our manufacturing partner possesses the same caliber of quality and reliability you already know from Surge’s other manufacturing partners, including those for aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors as well as discrete semiconductors.

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Surge Launches Hybrid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitor

Surge is one of the first suppliers of alumnum electrolytic capacitors to develop a Hybrid Polymer. Please note the comparison/differences between Solid Organic Polymers and Hybrid Polymers. More to follow.

Three Things You Will Get With the VZT Series Capacitors From Surge-Lelon…