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Three Things You Will Get With the
VZT Series Capacitors From Surge-Lelon…

Higher capacitances, lower ESRs and a smaller size surface mount package - these are the goals Surge-Lelon addresses with its newest product, the VZT V-Chip series.

Here is the brief overview on this family's features:

  • Higher capacitance [up to 2,200 μf]
  • Almost 50% lower ESR compared to the previous low ESR series
  • Often 1 full size reduction in diameter and height

The RoHS-compliant VZT devices are ideally suited for a wide range of applications where low ESR is critical. These include automotive audio, door, lighting, and emergency braking systems, as well as many commercial circuits.

Surge-Lelon's VZT capacitors are drop-in replacements for several other manufacturers including those referenced above.

For more technical information and/or sales support, email or click here for the product spec sheet.